Müller Chamber Choir


Founded in 1999, Müller Chamber Choir is a 30-strong male choir that aims to introduce the finest blend of male choral sound to the choral scene. Since 2013, the choir is led by Meng-Hsien Peng as conductor and artistic director and has achieved prestige as one of Taiwan’s foremost choral groups.

The youthful male choir participated in the 9th International Johannes Brahms Choir Festival and Competition in July 2015. It was named category winner in Folk, Sacred and
Male Choir categories and took home the Grand Prix. The choir’s competition pieces stood out as richly varied and sophisticated, garnering high praise from the panel of judges with respect to musical interpretation and artistry.

In July of the following year, the choir went on to participate in the 9th World Choir Games 2016: Champions Competition, receiving gold medals in Male Chamber Choirs, Musica Sacra a cappella and Musica Contemporanea categories. Notably, the Taiwanese choir was declared Champion of the Male Chamber Choirs category with a record high score of 97.38. Out of 20+ choirs competing in the Musica Sacra a cappella category, the male choral group came in a close second, with a slight margin of 0.12 points against top score. INTERKULTUR world rankings as of November 2017 place Müller Chamber Choir #3 among top 1000 choirs and #1 in the Chamber Choirs & Vocal Ensembles category.

Visiting Chanticleer in San Francisco, California

Visiting Chanticleer in San Francisco, California

In July 2017, the choir had the honor to sing in Singapore International Choral Festival as feature choir, the performance of which was streamed live over the Internet for global viewers. At the invitation of Malaysia Sin Chew Daily, the male choir later held another concert in Kuala Lumpur. In the same month, it travelled to Fuzhou, China to give a full-length concert in the 1st Cross-strait Choral Seminar.

Müller Chamber Choir takes upon itself the mission to create a distinctive Taiwanese male voice repertoire. Since 2011, it has commissioned composers and writers to
collaborate on projects with the potential to bring out the multi-faceted depth and richness of the male choral soundscape. The completed productions include Requiem pro Amor (2011), Literature via Music (2012), Compose and Sing: Music of Our Land (2013), Songs of the Isles (2014), Wish I (2016), and Wish II (2017).